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"I have had two unbelievable amazing experiences with Tara and her healing adventures work. I am left with a distinct shift in my energy, my lightness and my body. I appreciate her gift and highly recommend this experience for your healing journey." ~ Aleisha Z., Austin TX


"Tara is truly gifted and a blessing to work with. I was blown away by my QHHT session with her. Her gentle but clear guidance and direction were instrumental in helping me connect and get the information and connection I was wanting. I always felt safe and loved working with Tara and was able to relax into the session. It definitely exceeded my expectations and feel that my life is propelled forward in such a positive way after just one session with Tara. Thank you!" ~ Krista, Austin TX

"It has been several years since I have had energy work. Moving from Los Angeles where I had “my tribe”, I just hadn’t felt that I clicked with anyone here. I mentioned to a friend that I was really drawn to exploring how some issues I was experiencing in this life might have roots in another time. He introduced me to Tara and we scheduled a session.

QHHT is different from other energy healing modalities that I am familiar with. While Tara guided my journey, the direction that it took was so personal and deeply meaningful. Thinking about the session, I am amazed by how present Tara stayed. Her guiding questions were so relevant to the time I was experiencing. She was with me each step of the way.

I could not believe how rapidly the time flew by, it seemed like minutes rather than hours. Yet the energy of the session has stayed very present in my life - I am so aware of little things I had not noticed before, but are so meaningful now.

For me, this was not some huge revelation about a dramatic historical event, but a look at two everyday simple lifetimes’ energies that have carried over into today. With this healing, I am feeling myself let go of a  sadness I do not need to carry and opening to enjoying the ongoing  pleasures of an examined life filled with peace.

I am so grateful for Tara following her heart and proceeding with this work. For me she is the right person at exactly the right moment. 

I look forward to continuing this journey with her support and caring. "

~Karen Mead, Austin, TX 

"I loved it! Tara is an amazing guide. She is gentle, introspective and has tons of integrity which puts you at ease and makes you feel safe as you allow yourself to be hypnotized.
I love that this process is a journey, a real adventure into me. Not someone analyzing my energies and giving me THEIR interpretation of what they see, but rather, through Tara's insightful questions, my inner self gives me the answers I need."
~ Yifat, Austin, TX

"Words can’t convey how amazing it is to work with Tara. She is very conscientious with her work, but she is also warm, friendly, and charming, which are traits that make working with her a delight. The QHHT session itself was eye-opening and incredibly salient, and her guidance throughout was both comforting and thorough. I have already recommended her to pretty much every person I talk to, and I will continue to do so. Her work will have a global impact because bringing light, compassion, and insight is truly what she is meant to do. :-)"

~ Rob, Austin, TX

"I cannot say enough about what a magnificent practitioner Tara is. From the beginning I was well-prepared and felt safe, comfortable, and at ease. Her light-heartedness and professionalism made for a wonderful experience. If you feel at all called to explore your higher self, Tara is the most wonderful guide and you should run to schedule your appointment! It was so much fun and I gained so much insight!"

~ Kimberly, Austin, TX

"Tara is a gifted healer and incredibly gentle, and soulful guide! I've done a couple of sessions with her and they are very therapeutic and eye opening. I wanted to have a breakthrough around my finances, and through my journey into the past with Tara, we discovered some areas that I was holding myself back and why. In the last week since my session an opportunity landed right in my lap and I am in the running for a job making 3 times what I'm making now. I also signed on two new clients, and have had more people reach out who are interested in my services. I'm very grateful for my healing journey with Tara and would highly recommend her services to anyone!"

~ Katya, Austin, TX

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